Gold Membership




Gold Membership

GOLD $100 p/annum or $150 family (2 adults and 3 children under 16 years of age)

• Recognition as a Van Diemen Dons Member
• Official VDD Membership Pin (for new members)
• Official VDD bumper sticker
• Invitation to all VDD Tasmanian events
• EFC Digital Club Membership
• Eligible to stand for election as a VDD office bearer and to vote at the
AGM (for members over the age of 18 years)
• Preferential invitation to exclusive VDD Tasmanian events
• Participation in our Gold Player Sponsorship Program (for members 12
years of age and over)
• Free entry (for each member) in draw for signed season jumper
• Free entry (for each member) in draw for framed photo of VDD Gold
sponsored player


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